We have a wide array of services to offer our clients. But we can generally boil all of our services down into one of these five general categories:

1. Audio-Visual Marketing

We provide radio and video media services with special focus on production of Radio/TV Jingles, programmes, adverts and scheduling with radio and Television houses.

2. Graphic Designing & Concepts

Our graphic design team specializes in concept design and layout. This has over the years equipped us with vast experience to initiate attractive, professional and durable designs - Calendars, Business Cards, Identity Cards, Brochures, leaflets, fliers, Banners, Magazines and Newsletters.

We also do graphic designing and print a wide range of branded materials such as corporate gifts, sports gear, branded office materials, mugs, bags, safety gear as well as customized uniforms.

3. Web Designing & Social Media Management

The Website is still the hub of your digital presence. We are good at deploying awesome solutions through our ‘web guy’ who has vast experience in establishing and managing web pages. We are also good at engaging dedicated followers through the social media.

4. Outdoor Marketing

Road Shows: We are experts in conducting Road Shows for awareness creation

Signage: We offer one of the largest portfolio of signage solutions available on the market. We provide commercial name plates, pylons, directional signs, banners, vehicle and office branding

Concrete Bill Boards: Concrete Bill Boards are the best platform to market products in rural areas and communities. They are durable and serve the purpose longer.

5. Documentation & Research

We write documents namely: Business Plans, Constitutions for NGOs, Articles of Association for Limited Companies, Project Proposals, Company/NGO Reports etc.
We also conduct research such as Baseline Survey, Monitoring & Evaluation, Market etc.

6. Developing Communication & Engagement Strategies