Association intends to introduce archery sport in schools

BY PRISCILLA BEN - Lilongwe, Malawi (26/07/2023): Plans are underway by Malawi Archery Association (MAA) to introduce the archery sport in schools across the country.

Archery is a game of bows and arrows that involves specific distance shooting at stationary circular targets.

In standard competitions, archers shoot up to a distance of 70 metres for re-curve and 50 metres for compound sport categories. They aim at five-colour target, consisting of 10 scoring zones in gold, red, blue, black and white rings.  

MAA General Secretary Henry Sakala, says this is one of ways of developing the sport and imparting skills about the discipline to young people in the country.

“Our organisation is considering taking the Archery to primary and secondary schools in Malawi. We are going to start with training targeting teachers who will be responsible for coaching archery to pupils and students,” Sakala claims.

MAA GS further says eventually, Archery games will be organized for schools to compete at district, regional and national level.

“We have lined up activities aimed at raising awareness of this old, traditional and exciting game targeting young people in and out of school as well as people who are interested to play this sport,” he says.

Shooting of bow and arrows has been a Malawian tradition for decades and was practiced by ancestors when hunting but recently was adopted and revised in a modern way as a sport with the first World Tournament in 1932.

Malawi Archery Association is a member of World Archery; was founded in 2011 and got affiliated to the world governing body in 2012.

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