Pamilepa Arts urges skilled youths to embrace self-employment spirit

BY PRISCILLA BEN - BLANTYRE AUGUST 15, 2023: A visionary young man behind Pamilepa Arts, Yamikani Kagonegone, has voiced out his thoughts on self-employment, saying, this is one viable way youths can improve their economic status as well as be part of the development efforts of the country.

Kagonegone is graduate with a degree in Mass Media Communications and Journalism but he choose to use his skill and talent in art and craft over employment to eke his future.

“We are living in an era where everyone has to start something in order to sustain livelihood and achieve financial security and stability,” he explained.

Currently, the job market is saturated with a lot of job-seeking college and university graduates, making it difficult for one to get employment with government or even private and this is driving the likes of the Kagonegone to choose the risky but tenable path of using their God-given skills to invest in the wellbeing of for their future.

Pamilepa Arts started way back in 2010 and over the years it has been growing; surviving many challenges.

“Exposure to markets out there has been one of the major hurdles but eventually we managed to breakthrough and we are now doing considerably good business both on local market and outside the country,” explained the artist, who is the Managing Director.

Kagonegone’s advice to fellow youths is for them to take the challenges they face head on -“start small but with a positive mind, and allow oneself to grow with time without panicking or giving up”.

Kagonegone originates from Chiradzulu-Milepa area hence the name Pamilepa Arts and the entity has this far managed to directly recruit more than 20 employees at their Blantyre-based workshop.

The entity’s works also provide a source of income to people from surrounding districts from whom they source raw material.

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