ETG staff and Kafita CCAP donate food items to Malingunde School for the Blind

By Misheck Silat Phiri LILONGWE: Happiness Group, a humanitarian team of Export Trading Group (ETG) employees, in a joint effort with Kafita CCAP Social Welfare wing on November 5, 2023 donated assorted food items to Malingunde School for the Blind heeding to the call about food shortage situation at the Lilongwe rural-based institution.

ETG staff was represented by Marketing Manager Felix Kazambala while Sitaliko Basikolo Zakaria led the Kafita CCAP Social Welfare group.

Among the donated items were four 50kgs bags of maize, 10 packets of sugar, five litres of cooking oil and one 50 kg bag of rice. The cost of all the items was MK269,000.00.

In his remarks, Kazambala said this was his first visit at the school as he previously did so with other members of ETG’s Happiness Group where they noticed that the school lacked some basic essentials.

“Our first visit made us aware of a number of problems the school is facing, among them, shortage of food materials, so we decided to help in a little we can hence we are back here with a small package that will assist in a little way it can,” he said.

Kazambala said this time around they have joined their effort with Kafita CCAP Social Welfare as they realized that with concerted effort from different well-wishers, a difference can be made.

On his part, Zakaria said as a church they have a roll to save souls and bodies, and after learning of the dire situation at the school, they decided to partner ETG staff to do something in aid of the school.

“When the issue was presented to us, as a church body, we took it as a call that we needed to respond to. So we joined the effort of sourcing the material, and here we are, assisting in any way we can,” said Zakaria.

Head Master for Malingunde School for the Blind, Huxley Tundulu, who received the items was all thanks of the gesture, saying it will go a long way in easing the problems the institution is facing, among which is food shortage.

"We are very thankful for this donation and it has come in good time when the school is really in need,” the head teacher said.

Tundulu also said the other issue that the school is grappling with is lack of security at the institution which exposes visually impaired pupils to various danger.

The school has an enrolment of 55 pupils, who, according to the head teacher, need all the protection the can get, given their disadvantaged condition.

Tundulu said, as one way of enhancing security, a fence needs to be constructed surrounding the campus, and he called upon all Malawians of good will to assist towards the project.

Malingunde School for the Blind is under Nkhoma CCAP Synod and the school depends on Government’s subvention and well-wishers for support as the pupils do not pay any fees to attend the school.

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